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    Semester I
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    ENIC01 British Literature From The Age Of Chaucer To The18th Century 4
    ENIC02 British Literature: The Nineteenth Century 4
    ENIE01 Shakespeare 4
    ENIE02 British & Continental Drama 4
    ENIE03 World Drama 4
    ENIE05 Writing For Media 4
    ENIE06 A Course Designed By A Teacher Of The Department As A Topic Of His/Her Choice Approved By The Department Council & Ratified By The Board Of Studies Can Also Be Opted. The Course Should Not 4
    Semester II
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    EN2C03 Twentieth Century Literature Up To World War II 4
    EN2C04 Criticism And Theory 4
    EN2E07 American Literature 4
    EN2E08 European Poetry In Translation 4
    EN2E09 Queer Studies 4
    EN2E10 European Fiction In Translation 4
    EN2E11: Canadian Literature 4
    EN2E12 American Poetry - Post 1940 4
    Semester III
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    EN3C05 Twentieth Century British Literature: Post 1940 4
    EN3C06 The English Language History And Structure 4
    EN3E13 Advanced Literary Theory 4
    EN3E14: Post Structuralism And Postmodernism 4
    EN3C15 Postcolonial Fiction And Drama 4
    EN3E16 Film Studies 4
    EN3E17 Regional Indian Literatures In Translation 4
    EN3E18 Malayalam Literature In Translation 4
    ENG3E19 Women’s Writing 4
    Semester IV
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    EN4CO7 Indian English Literature 4
    EN4CO8 Dissertation 4
    EN4E20 Post Colonial Poetry 4
    EN4E21 Indian English Fiction 4
    EN4E22 Introduction To Children’s Literature 4
    EN4E23 Indian Aesthetics 4
    EN4E24 Linguistics 4
    EN4E25 Introduction To Cultural Studies 4
    EN4E26 Translation Theory And Practice 4
    EN4E27 Teaching Of English 4
    EN4E28 American Ethnic Writing 4
    EN4E29 Dalit Studies 4
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