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    Semester I
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    ENG1 A01 The For Skillsfor Cmmunication 3
    ENG1 A02 Modern Prose Drama II 3
    MAL01A01 A07 Malayala Sahythyam-1 Communication Skill In Hindi 4
    MAT1B01 Foundations Of Mathematics 4
    ST1CO1 Basic Statistics & Probability 3
    CSC01 Computer Fundamentals 3
    Semester II
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    ENG2A03 Inspiring Expressions 4
    ENG2A04 Reading On Socicty 4
    MAL2A02 A08 Malayala Sahythyam-2 Translation & Communication 4
    MAT2B02 Calculus 4
    ST2CO2 Probability Distributions 3
    CSC2C02 Programming In C 3
    Semester III
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    ENG3A05 Native Media In English 4
    MAL3A03 A09 Malayala Sahythyam-3 Literature In Hindi 4
    MAT2B03 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 4
    ST3C03 Statistical Inference 3
    CSC3C03 Fundamentals Of System Softwar,Networks& DBMS 3
    Semester IV
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    ENGA4A06 Reading Fiction& Non Fiction 4
    MAT4A04 A10 Malayala Sahythyam-4 Culture & Cvilisation 4
    MAT4B04 Theory Of Equations Matrices&Vector Calculus 4
    ST4CO4 Applied Statistics 3
    CS64CO4 Visual Programming 2
    CSC4C05 Programming Lab:C & Visual Programming 2
    Semester V
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    MAT5B05 Vector Calulus 4
    MAT5BO6 Abstract Algebra 5
    MAT5B07 Basic Mathematical Analysis 5
    MAT5B08 Differential Equations 4
    Open Course(Offered By Other Departments) 2
    Project/Viva -
    Semester VI
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    MAT6B09 Real Analysis 5
    MAT6BB10 Coplex Analysis 5
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